Friday, January 2, 2015

New year/2015 half empty plates

- not a lot of people this year- so likely reason why lots left over- eg Karen and Matthew not here, no one from Barry's

Gluten- chicken gluten cans- 6 cans- most left over
Tofu- 3/4 left- 4 packages - 2 square,2 puffy ones
Eggplant- cooked about 5 pkgs of chinese eggplants- about half gone
sweet and sour chicken balls- most went
Amy's chow mein- 2 containers- 1 left
Amy's inari sushi- 2 containers- mostly went
Irene maki sushi- about 8 rolls- mostly went
Stir fry veggies- did one wok - all gone
Green beans- all gone
Kamboko- most went
Raw tofu put out about 6 cubes used about 2-3 cubes
tempura- fired about 2 half foil pans- used about one
2 dozen eggs- mostly gone
chicken strips- mostly left.

2 ice cream- mostly gone

24 bottles of water- about 2/3 gone
used half dozen cans of pop
there was no punch per se

attendance 29?
g & r
K & J and 4 more
Ju & St +1
De & Na
Ca & Sh
Al & Ir
Jan, Sam Ran
Da Sh Er +Pa

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